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  2. [gm] A♯ someday I suppose. There was a F verse that C I was going to write. I haven't A♯ yet, But there's still a chance I might. An open F book that C I still want to close. I'll find the A♯ time someday I suppose A place in F time. I C want to be expand the story F line that's happy in the end (afgf, afga, A♯) F Plans and making.
  3. Choose and determine which version of Someday I Suppose chords and tabs by Mighty Mighty Bosstones you can play. Last updated on
  4. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Lyrics. "Someday I Suppose". There was a place and the name of the place escapes me. When I can't remember it irritates me. Could be I can't remember could be I choose to not. Let's move along the song and try to find the plot. There was a girl and I don't know her name either. She gave me love and I said I'd never leave her.
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  6. Someday! Someday I suppose The more I sort it out the more it gets distorted I sort of think I'm better off just leaving it unsorted The more I try to change its course the more off course it goes Of course I'll reach my destination someday I suppose Sort it out, get distorted one day who knows Hide behind, unreported someday I suppose.
  7. Someday I Suppose This song is by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and appears on the album Don't Know How To Party () and on the EP Ska-Core, the Devil and More ().

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